Fully Managed VPS

Fully Managed VPS hosting plans are great solutions for those looking to run their own digital agency or host multiple websites without the hassle of managing servers. 100% fully managed & proactively monitored.

We can combine our high performance hosting with a state-of-the-art WordPress Management Solution to keep your WordPress site(s) up to date, backed up, optimized and secure giving your customers the best experience possible.

Pure SSD StorageRAMvCPUOutgoing BandwidthPricing
30GB RAID10 Pure SSD2GB DDR42 vCPU10TB (Incoming is FREE!)$69.95
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60GB RAID10 Pure SSD4GB DDR44 vCPU10TB (Incoming is FREE!)$79.95
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90GB RAID10 Pure SSD6GB DDR46 vCPU10TB (Incoming is FREE!)$89.95
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120GB RAID10 Pure SSD8GB DDR48 vCPU10TB (Incoming is FREE!)$99.95
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* Nightly Offsite Server Backups – Our VPS Hosting packages have the ability to automatically backup your entire server nightly and store the data in an offsite location. If you ever need to recover from a disaster you can restore the server to a previous state. These backups are billed by the number of days data you wish to retain.
* Free Incoming Bandwidth – Only pay for your outgoing bandwidth! All incoming bandwidth to your VPS Hosting package is provided at no additional cost. This will save you hundreds of dollars yearly from many of our competitors.

Available Service Addons

We have the right addon options to enhance your managed VPS hosting solution

Robust Tool Set

We have the tools needed for a stable, reliable & high performance hosting experience.

100% Fully Managed
Advanced Troubleshooting
24/7 Server Incident Response
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Full Hardware Virtualization
Daily R1Soft Backups
Proactive Security
Guaranteed Resources
Free Migration
Billing Software*

This means significantly less security risks, more flexibility and better resource management as well as enhanced long term performance and reliability.


Information & Disclaimers

Managed virtual servers also include a fully licensed version of Softaculous for simple, point & click installs of popular scripts such as WordPress & Joomla.

Let us handle the server management & allow you to focus on your websites. Not everyone wants to be a server administrator nor wants to struggle to learn how to perform the daily tasks. Our expert technicians can handle all server side tasks making sure your websites are running, your server is updated & performing at its best.

Typically, fully managed plans are ready for use within 4-24 hours. During the build process, we perform many steps to provide you with a fully functional & tested server that’s ready for production use once we turn the server over to you. During this process, we build, configure, secure & test your server to be sure it functions properly. We also install & configure your R1Soft backups as well as actually test the backups to be sure everything works from the start. In addition, we also prep the server for a migration of your websites from another hosting provider if needed.

Some providers simply install cPanel, then hand the server over to you leaving you to figure out what packages to install, settings to adjust. Typically, you’ll end up with a problematic server down the road. Our technicians make sure all of this is configured & optimized for you before providing the server to you. This way, you can focus on managing your websites and not making server adjustments. Should you need to have settings adjusted, our technical support is just a ticket away!

Bluegrass Web Works managed virtual servers are servers with full isolation & dedicated resources. We provide a reseller style environment for those who require dedicated resources & isolation, but don’t want the hassle of trying to manage a server. We manage & maintain the server just as we do with shared or reseller hosting and also maintain daily R1Soft backups on a 7-day rolling period, support for PHP, Apache/LiteSpeed/CloudLinux etc. We handle the server side tasks, maintenance & troubleshooting while you manage your websites.

We actively monitor services running on your server(s) for loads, memory, traffic spikes & errors. In the event of an anomaly, our technicians will respond immediately to address the issue to ensure your websites/server are not taken offline. In the event a problem arises with your website that requires you to investigate, we’ll alert you immediately via a support ticket. This means in most cases, there’s no interaction required by you should your server have a problem.

Our managed KVM virtual servers include a WHMCS license for free. While one of these licenses is included for free, it must be requested through our Sales & Billing support desk.

MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL meaning it follows the same schemas and structure therefore is compatible with your current scripts/software that require mySQL. The difference is faster and safer data replication. A complete comparison can be viewed on the official MariaDB website.

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